About us

As founders of RAMBLER we are avid outdoor practitioners. Even after the birth of our children we wanted to continue to do so. We were looking for a solution for the whole family and with the necessary equipment to go outdoors. Most wagons are not strong enough, heavy and cumbersome, or have too little capacity and provide no comfort.

That's why we invented a foldable, lightweight aluminum wagon, the RAMBLER Explorer. It is an maneuverable, light and stable terrain vehicle for the transport of children and luggage. The wagon has a back entrance so that children can easily step in and out; also while riding.

In 1998 RAMBLER Explorer first came on the market. In the meantime, there are many riding throug the whole world.

Over time we have experienced a lot of great moments In our family ,when we were together with our RAMBLER Explorer, going outdoors. It is our passion to make this possible for others as well.

RAMBLER - outdoor adventure together.

RAMBLER Explorer - the versatile wagon.

Our mission - RAMBLER wants to make going out with children easier and ensure that everyone can experience the adventure on his own level.

Our vision - going more outdoo makes the world better and people happier. We want to give people the opportunity to go into nature with children without much hassle, so that everyone can experience the beauty and importance of nature.

Our core values ​​- adventure, fun, nature, respect for the world and each other.

Our functional values ​​- quality, practical, innovative, thought out.


The RAMBLER team.