The ultimate outdoor wagon for daycare center!

The Rambler daycare wagon has the duo-baby seat and child seat for safely transporting infants and toddlers up to 2 years of age. From about 1.5 years of age the children sit on the two benches in the wagon, possibly with safety belts for additional safety.

Duo-baby seat

The duo-baby seat is placed in the transverse direction on the benches. Depending on the Rambler model, 1 to 3 duo-baby seats fit in the Rambler daycare wagon. This will create 2 to 6 seats for babies. The duo-baby seats are for children from baby age up to about 2 years. These consist of two baby seats next to each other and can be tilted, independent of each other, in a lying or more sitting position. If the baby falls asleep during the journey, the baby seat can simply be brought into a lying position. The baby seats can be used up to about 16 months, or up to 15 kg. For effective support of the little ones there are reducers. The duo-baby seats can be placed either in front or more in the back of teh daycare wagon. Over the Duo-Babysitz fits a soft top hood which protects from sun, wind and rain. Also comes a footmuff for cold days.

Child seat

The child seat is simply attached to the front and a child up to 3 years of age fits in the seat. A second child seat can be installed in an additional back frame at the rear of the daycare wagon. The seat is for children from about 8 months to 3 years.


From about 1.5 years on, the already somewhat bigger children can sit on the two benches in the daycare wagon. Through the open back the children can step in and out by themselves. The back of the Rambler daycare wagon can be closed for the safety and comfort of the children with the back board. This back board is delivered with the Explorer 65, 80 and 120. Seat belts are available for all benches for extra safety!