Rambler outdoor wagon - Top-Quality outdoor wagon customizable to your wishes!

The Rambler outdoor wagon is available in several sizes and offers many advantages.

Easy to move

The Rambler outdoor wagon is manufactured with an aluminum frame, steel axles and strong and durable polyester fabric. The wagon is very stable and robust. With the large wheels, the wagon is easy to move also on uneven, soft and hard surfaces. Practical for trips to the beach, forest or park! With the additional optional push bars, which can be easily fixed to the rear of the wagon, the outdoor wagon can be moved by two people. It can not be easier! Highly recommended!

A practical layout

The Rambler walking wagon has two opposite benches and an open back. The children can get on and off where it is safe themselves easily. It's fantastic for them! And it is ergonomic too, because it saves a lot of lifting the children in and out of the wagon. And when necessary, the back end can be closed with a back board which can be easily slided in place.
A step board as an accessory provides additional comfort and a nice standing place to ride along. The Rambler outdoor wagon is a compact wagon but still offers plenty of seats for the children. The available bags offer plenty of additional luggage space.

Foldable and practical

The Rambler walking wagon is foldable and has simply removable wheels with press button wheel locking and air tyres. This allows the wagon to be easily stored or transported in the trunk. The wagon easily fits through standard width doors. The robust drum brakes with handbrake and parking brake give the same braking comfort as a bicycle. Also downhill! The parking brake is a guarantee that the wagon will stop when you help the children in or out the walking wagon. The polyester fabric is abrasion resistant, helps to make the wagons light is detachable and easy to clean.

Perfectly customizable to your needs

There are many accessories available, such as child seats, safety belts, hoods and luggage bags. We are happy to offer you a tailor-made product!

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