Rambler Restart BV issues a warranty on possible material and construction faults of the products. The warranty clauses involve the repair or replacement of original parts without costs. In order to claim the warranty clauses the next conditions are in force:

  • You must possess an original purchase receipt.
  • The warranty is non-transferable. Only the first owner is entitled to the warranty.
  • The products must be presented to Rambler Restart BV for repair within the warranty period.
  • Rambler Restart BV issues a 2-year warranty on the framework, from the date of purchase (exemptions below), and a 1-year warranty on the other parts (exemptions below). Parts exposed to wear and tear, e.g. tubes and tyres, are excluded from warranty.

Warranty is not issued if:

  • No maintenance has taken place as described in the manual that was delivered together with the products or that can be consulted via our website.
  • In case of lightning strike, damage caused by dampness or any other causes or contingencies from outside.
  • The warranty is non-transferable. Only the first owner is entitled to the warranty.
  • The products are mounted incorrectly.
  • Adaptations have taken place concerning the parts.
  • In the event of accidents.
  • The products were used incorrectly or negligently.
  • There was a case of letting, situations of play and competition or commercial use (not applicable in case of ordinary use in child day-care facilities).

A claim under a warranty must be reported by you, by e-mail to Rambler Restart BV in writing before return shipment of the products.

If the submitted claim under warranty is recognised by Rambler Restart BV, the cost of return shipment to you, the costs of replacement and / or repair of the product and the shipment of the (replacing) product, are for the account of Rambler Restart BV.

If the claim under warranty is not valid, Rambler Restart BV is not obliged to repair the product or to accept any costs. Rambler Restart BV therefore will then return the product in an unaltered state to you for your account and risk, unless it was agreed otherwise in writing.