The ideal wagon for day-trips and a walk!

For transport to the park, the beach, dunes, forest, playground, the zoo and festivals or just a walk! 

Children love to be outdoors and riding in a wagon. Walking themselves and play along the outdoor wagon  from time to time. Always a resting place at hand! They can easily step in and out through the open back side which can be closed with the back board. An extra available step board makes it even more fun to ride along. Beautiful to be outdoors! The Rambler outdoor wagon is the perfect wagon for carrying children and luggage. 

All Rambler outdoor wagons are of course child-friendly and robust. In addition, the outdoor wagon is foldable, thus saving space storing or taking in the trunk. Easy to take in the car or train! The unique design of the Rambler outdoor wagons reduces the physical strain for pulling the wagon to a minimum. With the optional push bars for a 2nd person the wagon is even easier to move. The outdoor wagon rolls smoothly over any type of terrain. The ideal outdoor wagon for day-trips and a walk!