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The push bars offer a simple solution to be able to move the wagon with two persons when needed. The Rambler brand has the only wagons that can be moved by both pushing and pulling.

The Ramblers usually can easily be pulled by one person on most surfaces. In case of the Rambler LE we recommend to purchase push bars when the wagon is used for six children or more.

Moving the wagon by only using the push bars is not possible.

The two ergonomically shaped push bars can be fitted on the back of the wagon. For folding the Rambler you only have to remove the push bars from the mounting blocks. Under information the manual for the push bars can be found.

The rear entrance and stepping board remain totally unobstructed allowing the children to get on or off the wagon. The push bars are available in combination with all accessories.

For the push bars convenient push bar bags are also available.

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