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With the back board you can close the back of the Rambler quickly preventing children from getting on or off the wagon if the situation does not allow for this. Little ones that are 'big' already and can sit on the benches get extra support through the back board. easy removal of the rear board is helpful if the children need to get off.

The back board slides into the Rambler from above and that you can similarly pull out again. It is secured to the wagon with two straps. Getting on or off the wagon at safe places thus does not require any lifting. The rear board can be stored under the benches.

The possibility allowing children to get on or off is rather unique. The Rambler is the only stroller of its kind with this feature.

There is a difference between the rear frame and the rear board. The rear frame is attached to the Rambler for a longer period of time allowing the use of a child’s seat or front bag.

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