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The back frame is simply fitted in the footboard and with that the Rambler is closed at the rear.

For Rambler Daytrack and Rambler Explorer. Explorer 65, 80 and 120 have their own back frame.

The back frame offers the same possibilities as the front frame, namely fitting an additional child seat or front bag.

Ideal for families with twins, families with small children in age close to each other and also for host parents. With a child seat in the back frame you create an extra comfortable seat. When little children have grown the back frame can be detached and the footboard is ready for getting on and off again.

If you walk with older children that can already walk longer stretches you can use the Rambler as luggage carrier. The back frame then serves as closure of the rear end or for attaching the front bag.

Also families that mainly use the Rambler for carrying luggage when making long hikes with the slightly older children, often opt for an arrangement of the Rambler with back frame. They then place the (front) bag to carry luggage in the back frame of the Rambler.

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